Digital Marketing

AToA Technologies are result driven Digital Marketing Agency. We make your website more visible and therefore accessible. Your customers need to know you exist before they can reach out. How can aware your website on search engine? Our experts Search Engine Optimization team make this possible through advance level Digital Marketing techniques which are pure white hat SEO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization


Simple term of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means improve your website ranking on search engine. Nowadays it leaves major impact on your business. You know that there is heavy competition in any business and thousands of websites are developed. How can your customers find and reach to you?

Your all problems have only one solution which named AtoA Technologies Search Engine Optimization company based in Ahmedabad, India. If your website is not on top page that means you are not exist on the web even your website goes on live. We believe in ROI system so we return more than what you have invested.

We have professional dedicated team for eCommerce SEO. Our all experts are Google Certified and 7+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Our services are key point of your successful business. So, Contact us and get more traffic, get leads and more sales. In short your business will be fastest growing then your competitors.

Social Media Optimization

Need huge traffic? Our SMO (Social Media Optimization) experts will work closely with you to establish your core audience.We work on professional social networking platforms your target audience tend to inhabit. We make you online influence in your sector. So, Increase traffic, get more leads and get ultimately sales.

ATOA Technologies’ Social Media Optimization strategies are focused on not only delivering quality but also quantity. We focus on only delivering you a steady stream of relevant people and organizations. We don’t believe in food of fake followers, so you can get 100% genuine traffic. We post only relevant to your business which makes engaging people to your business.

We able to drive quality traffic to your website to get more and more people connected to you. Our transparent way on all SMO strategies used helps our clients gain confidence. Our all work is monitored, measured and reported to clients. So that our clients see social media plans can vary wildly in scope.


Pay Per Click


Get cost effective PPC (Pay Per Click) services for your business website. Get instant adverts of your website on Search Engine page. Give your business voice using paid campaign of Google Adwards, Bing Ads, Yahoo, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn. We working to a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) so you can get profitable results to your paid search campaigns.

We have a team of professional certified experts who reduce the budget of you Pay Per Click on your ads by campaign management. Our experts know that when increase your budget and when decrease it through market analysis.We are able to improve any paid campaign and deliver an exceptionally high ROI (Return On Investment).

ATOA Technologies you will have a dedicated team of Google qualified PPC campaign manager who works from day one on your campaign account. We have our own bid management software so we can keep track 24/7 that should be more and more leads coming to you what you need for your business.

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